Who Are BAARI Members?

Professional or Amateur Astronomer - who wants to support the BAARI above and beyond your contribution in astronomy.
A professional astronomer who uses BAARI services and wants to support in our mission to encourage amatuer astronomers.
An educator who wants to share astronomy with your students.
A student just beginning your career in the sciences.
Anyone interested in the science and astronomy, or in the collaboration of amateur and citizen scientists in astronomical research.

Then you are the sort of person who belongs in the BAARI! From its earliest days, the BAARI has collaborate with both amateur and professional astronomers across the glob, including some of the most important and influential astronomers of the 20th and 21st Centuries. Today, the BAARI membership numbers is increasing day by day as amateur and professional astronomers all over the world devoted to astronomy research and Now, you should be one of them! We need you to support the work that the BAARI does in astronomy, and to contribute your knowledge, skills, and expertise to further our mission. Today, let's start you exciting journey in astronomy with us !!

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